Website Development


Here are just some of the tools I will be using to create your website! Incase you want something more specific just contact me with what you want!

  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • AJAX

HTML used for the general website, as well as incorparation of new HTML5 Features.

jQuery would be used if your site needed any interactive elements like this one right here!

CSS3 is used in all websites to stylize everything you see!

This is used when jQuery is a bit of an overkill for less-interactive sites.

This is only used on websites that would require things such as login systems, database handling and so on.

This is not a programming language but more of a principle its used to create 'single paged sites'.


I'd like to just say this before you look at the prices that these are just baselines. You are probably going to get a quote of around that price. However, the price will change based on what you want; e.g Amount of Pages , Interactivity and so forth.

Basic Web Design

  • - Max of 5-10 Pages (Depending on content)
  • - Compatable with all 3 Major browsers
  • - Custom Design
  • - Use of HTML,CSS3,JS,jQuery

Pricing Point: £50-125

Responsive Web Design

  • - Max of 10 Pages
  • - Compatable with all 3 Major browsers
  • - Custom Design
  • - Use of All addons (Except ROR)

Pricing Point: £200-250

For a quote contact me at: